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Working process of the chicken feed mill
The working process of the chicken feed mill:

1.Shredding:mainly by high speed rotating parts of operation,impact produce cataclastic,the method is of high productivity and less calorific value,ash powder less applicable to add type of brittle materials.
2.Small material:the feed mill USES two engraved with alveolar the hard surface of the original disc,friction on feed and fracture,its advantage is the manufacturing cost is low,the required power smaller,defect is grinding out the feed temperature is higher, more powder, finely degrees is not easy to control.
3.Crushing:Use of two smooth surface roller,in the same relative rotational speed,will feed crushed,often used for flattening the barley etc,using for livestock.
4.Chop saws:using two surface of teeth and the speed of different roller will chop material,its advantage is easy to dig thickness degrees, less power, easy storage, suitable for processing grain materials, bread slag, etc.