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Feed pellet safe moisture content and link control
 High water content are the dominant factors influencing the feed mildew,what is the the specific standard for user to adjust the moisture content?Of course,this data is a regional differences.

According to expert introduction,the safe moisture content of feed pellet is a common standard threshold of 11% - 15%,for the north,the weather is dry,so the requirement of water content is not stric,controlled within the range of 13% to 15%.

In the production,how to operation the machine can effectively control the water content of pellet feed?

The first is to control the moisture of feed raw materials,for the excess moisture will do the related processing of raw materials,to prevent further production control work.
The second is the modulation of feed pellet machine, pressing part,should be ready before granulating of steam pipeline check and conditioning parameters control work,to ensure good quality of suppression of finished pellet feed.
Finally, the cooling process of feed pellet,cooling device in the lower feed particles surface temperature as well as take away part of pellet feed water,So should control the cooling device parameter setting in advance,avoid excessive water loss of feed pellet,cause feed nutrition structure damage.
In addition to the above several big link,in the crushing of raw material, there are also affect the parameter changes of moisture,so the user needs to adjust control in production practice many times to ensure the best production efficiency.