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The daily maintenance of pelletizer
 For businesses,in the process of the use of the pelletizer,how to maintain the machine not only relationship to produce a good quality product,and also has a great influence to the machine service life.

1.Main engine

For a pellet machine,the main engine belongs to the core in the processing,need to regularly check the host temperature is normal or not in daily production process,stop using the host at high temperature in accordance with the manual for maintenance or contact the manufacturer for processing.


Should pay close attention to the machine to see if there is noise,murmurs reaction inside the machine may exist such problems as dislocation parts or loose part etc,need timely inspection and maintenance,in order to prevent the machine was badly damaged.

3.Dial monitor

Regularly compare the the dial of the pellet machine and the machine late install the dial,whether the data in a reasonable range,order to use panel data for testing,find the machine problem.


For the machine,according to the machine itself needs,to timely lubrication specific parts,can greatly increase the machine efficiency and use of the time,is a very important part of daily maintenance on the machine.

For pellet machine,in the using process imely maintenance, testing on a regular basis,To increase the machine using years,better to use.