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Uniaxial Efficient Paddle Mixer
 Function Description:

♦ High mixing evenness degree(≤5%),no dead corner in mixing,short mixing time(60-180 secs of each batch material)

♦ Discharging adopt the bottom open door structure,discharging rapidly,less residue,with door lock structure,no leakage.


♦Main shaft adopts gas seal structure on both ends,ensure the shaft end sealing is reliable,no leakage phenomenon.


♦Large range of loading capacity,can match 1-2 grease add piping,can add all kinds of liquid properly.


♦Inspection door on body,convenient in clean,maintenance and blade exchange,save time,inspection door with a safety switch can ensure the personal safety when cleaning or maintenance.


♦Adopt air blowing device,ensure less material residue.


♦Blade rotation tilt form,the clearance between the slot machine and blade can be adjusted,improve the sevice life of blade,reduce the residue of hanging materials.