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Series Double Shaft Paddle Mixer
 1.Series double shaft paddle mixer short mixing time(40-120sec/batch),high evenness degree (CVS5%) may be up to 2%.


2.Mixed in gravity -free state,no segregation,variety of liquids can be added.Two open doors structure,discharge rapidly,no leakage,less residue.


3.Conveyed by three chains,run in low speed,stableoperation movement.


4.The improvement of open door shaft and link mechanism ensure that the angle of openning door is larger than 90(the materials can't fall on the door),close door which is deadlocked.


5.Advanced adding and spraying system could be added many kinds of liquid and solid at the same time,precision spraying and convenient control.


6.Unique design return air system ensures air current balance in all-dimensional feed in materials,Suitable for premix,poultry feed,aquatic feed,additives,chemical and medicine industries,etc.