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Use feed pellet machine correctly and reasonably
 Feed pellet machine is special equipment to make animal feed, need to note that no matter it is production line or unit machine, the feed pellet machine is necessary.But in our actual production, will find the pellet machine with some problems of one sort or another, can’t make feed pellet smoothly.Then how to use the feed pellet machine correctly and reasonably.


First,it is very important to choose suitable model machine.There is a lot of types and models,they are with different adaptation to different materials, so must choose the correct feed machine under the guide of factory.


Second,Effective and reasonable configuration,after choose the suitable machine, the main problem is configuration.Modulator, feeder, power, frequency, insurance, die mold compression ratio and pore diameter are the components of configuration.Only a reasonable effective configuration, the pellet feed machine can play a bigger role.


Third,Once again, fully reasonable new machines, new mold grinding.Fully rational pellet feed machine new machines, new mold grinding,can guarantee the output of per unit time and continuous operation effect, and the working stability of feed pellet machine, reduce or reduce the use and maintenance costs, prolong the service life of mould roller.


Fourth,the mold roller clearance adjustment.The size of the feed pellet machine mould roller clearance is critical in the actual production.In the case of ignoring other factors, the mould pressure wheel gap is small, will cause the grain density is big, low yield, wear and tear; Mould pressing wheel gap is big, can create soft particles, forming rate is low, cure is bad.


Finally, the auxiliary equipment of coordination.Feed mixer, crusher, feed grain cooling machine and other auxiliary equipment coordinated, is very important to feed pellet machine to use.