Long Lifetime Feed Pellet Mill SZLH320

  • Model: SZLH320

  • Capacity 1.5-5t/h Get Price

  • Main motor power: 37kw

  • Conditioner power: 2.2kw

  • Feeder power: 1.5kw

  • Ring die diameter: 320mm

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■ Description

Long Lifetime Feed Mill (Pellet Press) SZLH320

SZLH series  Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine is high precision gear drive ring die feed pellet machine,this machine has stainless steel conditioner,with frequency speed control,use Switzerland “SKF” high quality bearing,ensure high-efficiency,stable and low noise drive,can work alone with its electric cabinet. It can used in all kinds of large,middle and small farms to make feed pellet to feeding animals,for raw materials,it can be grain,such as wheat,corn,maize,etc.,and some grass,straw also can be applied to this machine,has a very broad application.

The Pellet Press Detailed instructions
♦ For the machine,raw material can be corn,wheat,and other grains,grass also ok.
♦ If the raw material are powder,can be make into pellets directly.
♦ If the raw material is particle size,first,we need crush them to powder less then 3mm powders.
♦ And there also some requests for the raw material moisture,it is better if less than 30%.
♦ If you want to make different size pellets,the size,generally we mean the diameter of the pellets,you can buy several different size ring die.
The machine can make pellets for poultry, cow, cattle,pig,chicken and so on.mainly sinking pellets,because the density of the pellets are big, if you want to make floating feed,so you need to buy one more extruder.

Perfect after-sale service

a.After installation and adjust,we will training our customer's work how to operate;
b.Training worker how to maintain and protect;
c.According features,we will make a complete maintain rules for you, contains how to maintain,when to maintain,who maintain);
d.Our company after-sale department will call you at regular intervals,ask if maintain and give advice.

■ Features

Feed Mill Long Lifetime SZLH320


1.Host bearings generally use the top ten brands in the world of NSK (Japan), SKF (Switzerland) bearings, reliable quality, long service life!
2. In.the rear of pellet machine has the protection switch device , when the spindle bearing and spindle lock, the power can be cut off in time, the spindle has an effective protection effect!
3. Feeder spindle, screw, sleeve, paddle are 304 stainless steel,bearing is SKF brand,longer life.
4. The gap between paddle and the bottom is less than 4mm, the material basically no residue, no manual cleaning residue,but other manufacturers is generally 8-10mm, more material leftovers, If the labor can not be timely clean-up, material cross-contamination, if for a long time production is also easy to pests!
5.Conditioner spindle, paddle, bolt ,wall tube are 304 stainless steel, Conditioner paddle stainless steel castings, bolts fixed installation, angle adjustable, but other factory is welding, the angle can not be adjusted. Conditioner can be adjusted by adjusting the paddle then adjust the material to stay time in conditioner. This is the welding pad can not do!
6.Pellet machine door with 304 stainless steel, other use ordinary carbon steel, pellets from the machine high temperature, moisture, ordinary carbon steel life is generally about six months, and The service life of stainless steel is long-term!
7.Door cutter with a graduated mark can be more accurate regulation of the pellet length, the other manufacturers generally do not have the mark of the cutter!
8.Holder, the ring die, roller high-strength alloy forged pieces, the CNC machining heat treatment, high precision, high strength and long service life!


■ Parameters

Feed Mill Long Lifetime SZLH320

Model SZLH320
Main motor power 37kw
Conditioner power 2.2kw
Feeder power 1.5kw
Ring die diameter 320mm
Capacity 1.5-5t/h
Finished pellet size 1.5-12mm


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You can enquire us to learn more on all type and capacity of feed pellet machiney, of course, we provide expert custom service, so let us know what you want please.



Working Video of Strongwin Livestock Feed Pellet Machine

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