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Straw Pellet Machine

 Straw Pellet Machine

Everyone have seen straws.

At first,many people use it feeding animals,such as sheep,hrose,and use it as bedding for them for really a long time.As the development of technplogy and the following pelletizing equipments,people began to make pellets with all kinds of straw.

The straw pellet machine is mainly used to press biomass wastes,such as corn husk,rice husk,rice straw,cotton stalk,crops stalks and so on.Generally,these material are made into pellets,used as alternative solid fuel,it can be used for heating,produce electricity,can take place of coal,also,it can reduce environment pollution,this is better than coal,so,it become the most popular fuel now.

Our straw pellet machine is very universal,its easy to operate and maintain.It can form pellets through the ring die and roller turning.It's the hot selling products recently years.


Nowadays,environment pollution is very serious,people pay more attention to this,as people,we should responsible for this,for our healthy,for the world we live.For more information about this,please contact us.We can offer help and knowledge to you about making pellets by our pellet machine.