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If we need to add any binders when making pellets?

 If we need to add any binders when making pellets?

When pressing pellets,almost people think,if we need to add any binders in pelletizing process.It's wellknown that most of biomass materials need to add binders when pelleting,such as wood saw dust,rice hull and peanut shell,etc.Meanwhile,there are various type of binders,because different materials need different binders.Some clients experienced to use steam as binders,however,when we make waste papers into pellets,we can use water as binders,that's enough,but for leaves,requires no  binder.In North America,adding binders when making pellets,it's very common and popular.According to local biomass material structure,many regions and countries,requests no binders during pelleting process.

There are lots of pellet mill manufacturers,in order to bring more clients,some of them always declaim to clients,their machine do not need any binders to make wood pellets.But,do you believe it's true?

Making biomass pellets have no relation with pellet mill,but related to the raw material kind and structure.The wood contains a large amount of lignin and fibers,after heat and pressure,the lignin will be released,so it is not suitable to be made into pellets.Without binder,can not press pellets at all.Many people say,there machine can make pellets without any binders,this is exafferated and unrealistic.

Adding binders won't influence the pellets heat and the combustion at all,what's more,when make pellets,it can reduce energy consuption,improve the pellet mill capacity,and also,prelong the spare parts lifetime,for the die and roller,meanwhile,it can reduce maintenance cost.