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How to Choose Biomass Pellet?

How to Choose Biomass Pellet?

Biomass pellet is one kind of green energy resources,which are made from wood sawdust,rice husk and so on. With high combustion efficiency and low pollution, now,it can take place of coal,as the main fuel in industrial manufacture.There are a wide range of biomass pellet,the most important thing is that how to choose right pellets.Belows,are some of our suggestion.
1.ash content
You should check this factor first,good wood pellets contains less ash.It showed that,wood pellets made from pine,beech,polar and other soft wood,have less ash,so that they have high combustion efficiency.
2.pellet size
High quality biomass pellets are all with uniform size,solid consistency.
3.moisture content
According to our test,pellets with more than 10-15% moisture can not be burnt unevenly,so when choosing pellets,the lower the moisture content,the higher the pellets quality. density and the calorific value
High energy density and calorific value pellets can produce more heat and can burn a longer time.
5.raw material
Many pellets have been added into some additives,so that it will looks more fine,but this will influence the quality,so,you should check the raw mateiral,and if the supplier added additives in it.