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How can you get wood pellets from sawdust

How can you get wood pellets from sawdust?

Many people think,sawdusts are useless,because it do not efficient for burning,and also,useless for other application.This situation has been changed now.As the pellet mill equipments develop,sawdust pellet mill is very polular all over the world.With this equipment,people can make useless sawdust into pellet.
Compare with sawdust itself,pellets with high calorfic,it can be used as energy,except coal,gas,and so on,it can burn for heating,and produce electric,at this situation,people can get greatly benifit from this.Meanwhile,use pellets as energy,it's environment protection,it's renewable for increasing demand.
To make pellets from sawdust,you need to have one pellet mill.We have flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill,you can choosing according to your production scale.Flat die pellet mill mainly for home use because its capacity it relatively small,while,ring die pellet mill is used to produce pellets for commercial and industrial purpose,for its large scale production.What's more,different models have different yield and specification,you should make decision on basis of your own demands.
After you got the pellet machine,the other questions you should concern is the raw material moisture content.Raw materials moisture around 10-15% is the best.It will be unavaliable if moisture is rather high.
Hengmu can supply a wide range of pellet machines,which allows you to choose most suitable one.Our equipments are easy to operate and maintain.