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Hardwood&softwood,which one is better to make biomass pellets?

Hardwood&softwood,which one is better to make biomass pellets?

Many people always think,softwood and hardwood,which one is better to make into biomass pellets.Most ot them prefer to choose hardwood rather than softwood.
Literally understood,hardwood is wood such as oak, teak, and mahogany, which is very strong and hard,softwood is  the wood from trees such as pines, that grow quickly and can be cut easily.
But,what's the difference between hardwood and softwood?
Hardwood not always hard materials,softwood not always soft materials,for example,softwood is the most light, minimum density in the word,but it is considered to be the hardwood.In fact,the difference between them related to plant propagation.
Generally speaking,hardwood with a higher moisture,can not be burn easily,but softwood can be easily burnt,and with lower moisture content.But maybe they ignore one question,when making pellets,if moisture content is higher,with less ash,we will drying them into a certain content,about 10-15%,also,in the pelletizing process,the density of raw mateiral powder will be changed because heating and pressure.No matter your raw material is hardwood or softwood,both can be made into pellets.