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southeast corner of the intersection of Heshuo Avenue and Shantao Road,Wuzhi County industrial zone

Henan Strongwin provide better pre-sale services and after-sales servic. If needed,our engineer can go to customers place,to give our proposal according to your requests and local situation.

Strongwin feed machinery serivice Strongwin feed pellet machinery serivice Henan Strongwin feed machinery serivice
WHY CHOOSE US Strongwin Service Strongwin Feed Machinery

ONE: Pursue the highest level of Feed Processing Machinery in China,encourage customer to inspect machineries by caliper and calculator. Select Siemens Motor,Choose Swedish SKF Bearing.

TWO: Transform factory into university,build the most professional training & trusteeship team in Chinese feed industry,Ensuring that Strongwin Machinery can be running in a healthy condition by remote supervisory control and nanny trusteeship service.

THREE: Material thickness of main equipment is more than feed machinery standard 2mm,you can weigh and contrast -- Please pick up the caliper and calculator to inspect.



Henan Strongwin Feed Production Plant

Strongwin SZLH Feed Pellet Mill Machine
Henan Strongwin Fish Feed Extruder Machine