Feed Pellet Crumble Machine

  • Model: Feed Crumble Machine

  • Main motor power: 3-22kw

  • Capacity: 1-25t/h

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  • Feed Pellet Crumble Machine
  • Feed Pellet Crumble Machine
  • Pellet Crumble Machine
  • Feed Pellet Crumbler
■ Description

Feed Pellet Crumble Machine
1.  roller crumbler is special purpose equipment to crumble big pellets into small pellets.
2. roller crumbler can crumbled pellet into 0.6~ 1.5mm or 1~2.5mm;
3.  roller crumbler is widely used for crushing poultry and livestock pellets as wellas aquatic pellets.
4. special roller tooth can crash 0.8 shrimp. The finished product has smooth appearance and low powder content.
5. with the advantages of crumbler both home and abroad, SSLG series roller crumbler features high efficiency, low noise, high durability.

■ Features

Feed Pellet Crushing Machine Features:

♦ It overcomes the disadvantages of changing different specifications of gear after drawbench processing during drive and easy- slippery of belt drive.

♦ Two-roller structure and low cost. Three-roller structure,balanced and continuous work , advantages of equal sizes of finished products,high broken efficiency.

♦ It is installed with reverse turning structure which can control the size of feeding mouth and make feeding well-distributed.

♦Less grading returned materials,high rate of finished products, Installed with feeder,low consumption.


■ Parameters

Technical Parameters of SSLG Feed Pellet Crushing Machine

Model SSLG15x80 SSLG15x100 SSLG15x150 SSLG20x170
Power(kw) 5.5 5.5 11 15
Capacity (t/h) 1-3 2-6 3-8 5-10

Technical Parameters of SSLGS Feed Pellet Crushing Machine

Model SSLGS15×100 SSLGS20×140 SSLGS20×170 SSLGS30×180
Power(k w) 5.5 11 15 22
Capacity (t/h) 2-6 3-8 5-10 12-18


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