5t/h Poultry Feed Production Line

  • Type: Poultry Feed Production Line

  • Capacity 5t/h

  • Opetation type Automatic

  • Warranty: 1 year

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■ Description

5T/H Poultry Feed Production Line


Introduction to Poultry Feed Pellet Line

1. Main engine drives with high precision gear, ring die in quick detaching encircling hoop type, output is 20% higher then belt driving;
2. Equipped with steam automatic regulatory system to keep refining temperature constant.
3. Adopt international advanced ring die processed by heat treatment vacuum furnace, lengthen useful life and pellet is more smooth with high quality;
4. With full stainless steel dorr, flume and pull cutter which is convenient and reliable;
5. Advanced and reliable over-load protection;
6. The bearings adopts Sweden SKF bearings.
7. The 1.5-12mm models are equipped with a wide range of pore size and thickness between the ring mode, the user needs according to different arbitrary choice in order to get the best technical and economic benefits.

animal feed production equipment


ring die for poultry feed production lineApplication of the complete poultry feed pellet plant
◆ Easy-to get materials: soybeans, corn, maize, wheat bran, rice, sorghum, etc.
◆ Multiple-purpose: Suitable to make various poultry feed and aquatic feed for rabbits, ducks, cattle, chickens, sheep, pigs, pigeons, fishes and shrimp etc.
◆ Wide range diameters of pellets: 2-10mm to meet different animals demands.
◆ Capacity:5T/H


poultry feed production line in feed manufacture :

Feed Grinder →Feed Mixer → Feed Pellet Mill → Cooler → Feed Pellets → Packing Machine

 Crushing: Crush the raw materials into required size for further processing in poultry feed production.
Related machine: Electric Hammer Mill
★ Feed hammer mill adopts best improve the production efficiency and make the high delicious poultry feed pellets. After grinding, the diameter of the final products could be 3-5mm which is the optimal size for pelleting.
★ Both coarse and fine grinding can be realized through adjusting the gap between hammers and screen.
★ Equipped with air blower, the crushed material can be directly collected and transported to next machine for further processing.


Mixing: evenly blend various kinds of raw material powder into uniform die
Related machine: Poultry feed mixer
The mixing machine is widely employed in blending powdery materials in poultry feed industry to ensure compound poultry feed quality.
★ High mixing speed
★ Short mixing cycle 
★ High homogeneous


Pelletizing: forcing materials through holes in ring die to form compacted feed pellets which are then cut into a pre-determined size
Related machine: Electric Poultry Feed Pellet Mill 
The feed pellets produced by this electric poultry feed pelletizer have rich nutrition, good palatability and high digestibility.
★ Low consumption,competitive price, long service life.
★ Driven by electric motor makes it more convenient and environmentally friendly
★ To make poultry feed pellets with different diameters, you just need to replace a pellet mill die.


Benefits of Making Own Poultry Feed Pellets 
There are many benefits to make your own pellets for your poultry. 
First, you can add the necessary vitamins and minerals in exact amounts to feed pellets and you can be confident the chicken has consumed them.
Secondly, with loose mash etc the chickens will peck at the feed and may miss out on important ingredients. Therefore there tends to be less wastage with feed pellets. 
Thirdly, you can also store much more feed pellets in a much smaller storage space.
To make your own poultry feed pellets, you can start with the Electric Poultry Feed Pellet Mill. This pelletizer save you a lot of money on feed.



■ Features

The feature of poultry feed production line :

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1.Whole line with PLC automatic control;
2. Low price ,high quality,best service
3. Energy saving,304 stainless steel, speed can be adjusted,
4.Can be use for poultry feed pellet,aquatic feed pellet
5. Stable operation,high efficiency,high productivity 5t/hour
6. Pellet diameter from 2mm-12mm

■ Parameters
Yield 5t/h
Pellet machine SZLH350
Hammer mill SWSP56*60
Mixer SLHY2.0
Cooler SKLN15*15
Rotary screener SFJH100*2d
Crumbler SSLG15*100
Cooling Fan 4-72No5A
Cooling discharger XL90
Boiler LSG-0.5-0.4
Lifting equipment TDTG36*23
Outline dimension(L*W*H) 12*4.2*13.5m



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