Pet Food & Aquatic shrimp feed extruding line

  • Type: Pet Feed Production Line

  • Opetation type Automatic

  • Warranty: 1 year

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  • pet feed production line
  • shrimp feed extruding line
■ Description

Pet Food/Aquatic Feed Production Line



Introduction of pet feed production line


At present,more and more people keep pets,while the market for pet food is bigger and bigger.Pet food manufacturers are keeping finding pet food machine with the characteristic of easy operation,low cost and high production efficiency.Strongwin researches and develops some different models pet food processing line to meet the requirement of market. By adjusting the raw materials, temperature and pressure etc. productive technology, our products can produce different pet food with the advantages of novel shapes, abundant nutrition and exquisite texture.


Raw materials:adopts corn flour, fish meal as raw materials


Process flow:(Raw material)---conveying---mixing---extruding & puffing---conveying---drying---hoisting & flavoring--- (packing)


Equipments:Mixer---Screw Conveyor---Extruder---Air conveyer---Dryer---Hoisting & flavoring machine---Oil sprayer---Roller--- (Packing machine)

fish feed production plant


 Features & Advantages

- Nonetheless, balancing the components and gentle processing are at the center of the related quality considerations. 

- Extrusion is therefore increasingly proving to be the right tool for modern pet food. 

- A complete feed, fed as a diet over a prolonged period of time, must ensure the vitality of the animal and prevent deficiencies. 

- This is quite a challenge to the feed manufacturer in terms of the selection and composition of the raw materials, their optimal processing, and effective quality assurance. 

- A large number of pet food products are made by extrusion.

- Feed for fish, high-grade complete feeds capable of maintaining the health even of exotic species in aquariums over prolonged periods of time, sinking or floating feed. 

pet feeds

■ Features

Features of pet feed production line

- With different moulds, various shapes can be made, such as strip, stick, screw shape, etc.

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- Various shapes can be made, such as strip, stick, bone, screw shape, etc. 

- Many kinds of recipes to make different tastes to meet different market demands.

- Turnkey project provided, from raw materials to packing procedures, fully continuous and automatic.

■ Parameters

Our pet feed production line is customized,Please contact us and tell us what capacity you need.And then we will send you the suitable model machine quotation.


Now visit our 10t/h animal feed production line,cattle feed pellet production line,chicken feed production line,poultry feed production line,sink fish feed production line,pet feed production line,of course,you can customize the feed pellet plant that you need,so inquire us more detail and tell us what you need, take action now.

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