FSP Feed Hammer Mill

  • Model: Feed Hammer Mill

  • Main motor power: 1.5kw- 22kw

  • Hammer raw material: alloy steel

  • Capacity 80kg/h-2000kg/h

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■ Description

Introduction of Henan Strongwin Feed Hammer Mill

FSP Feed Hammer Mill is specified feed grinding machinery which is designed and invented for many years according to the demand of industrial production development.It has the advantages of reasonable design,compact structure,safe,wear resistant,simple structure,compact assemble,low price,reliable performance,low power consumption,high capacity,good quality of final products and low production cost,etc.It is combined with cutting and grinding,it can cut and grind branch and limb which diameter is between 10 to 200mm,meanwhile.

Feed Crusher features:
The small animal feed grinder is also named hammer mill crusher,corn hammer mill etc.
It is a kind of machine used to crush the corn,grain,dry oilcake,It is multifunctional,also
can crush the dry straw,grass,stalk,plastic,small tree branches,wood chips,etc

1.Application:Corn, sorghum, wheat straw, rice straw, potato vine, corn stalk, peanut vine, bean bar.
2,agricultural machinery
3,elctric Corn mill machine
4, the final product can be used as animal food


■ Features

Advantage of Henan Strongwin Animal Feed Crushing Machine

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♦ High quality stick steel plate to keep it is in stable operation .
♦ Service a long lifetime running with its stable design .
♦ Easy to operation and easy to maintain.
♦ High efficiency


Testing Video of corn crusher machine


■ Parameters

Technical Parameters of Strongwin Feed Grinder Machine

Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
FSP420B-7.5 7.5KW 200-500KG/H 1200*1000*1220MM 230/260KG
FSP420B-11 11KW 300-700KG/H 1650*820*1200MM 290/340 KG
FSP500B-15 15kw 800-1700kg/h 1800*900*1120mm 540kg
FSP500B-22 22kw 900-2000kg/h 2000*1100*1320mm 680KG


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